Dorset Jugged Steak

Dorset Jugges STeak - Lovely Lunches Recipe

Jugging is a method of slow cooking which retains all the flavours of the meat while mingling them with those of the other ingredients. This traditional Dorset dish was often prepared to be eaten on days when the fair came to town as it is good-tempered enough to wait until the revellers came home, although the forcemeat balls (forcemeat is a mixture of ground, lean meat mixed with fat by either grinding, sieving, or pureeing the ingredients and are used in the production of numerous items found in charcuterie; such items include quenelles, sausages, pâtés, terrines, roulades, and galantines ) should not be cooked for too long.
This is a very rich lean beef casserole and is enhanced by the spices of the cloves and deepness of the port. It is brought together by the red currant jelly which gives it a sweet lasting flavour.
Try this for yourself, it is best cooked long and slow and is perfect for a winter’s supper dish. We serve it with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


800 g stewing steak, cubed
30 g plain wholemeal flour
1 large onion, skinned and sliced
5 cloves
Salt and pepper
200 ml port
400ml beef stock, to cover
200 g sausage meat
60 g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
25 ml chopped fresh parsley
20 ml redcurrant jelly


Pre heat oven 170°C (325°F) mark 3
In a mixing bowl add flour and toss meat cover with flour, then shake off excess flour and place meat into a casserole dish.
Add the cloves and onions, salt and pepper.
Add the port and then the stock just so it covers the meat.
Place lid on top and bake for 2 hours 15 minutes.
In a mixing bowl add breadcrumbs, parsley and sausage meat, mix well together.
From this mixture form 8 balls.
Once the 2 hours 15 minutes is up remove from the oven add the redcurrant jelly stirring slowly and the forcemeat ball.
Return to the oven for a further 45 minutes.


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