At Eggardon Country Cooks we have a passion for real food that is simple, fresh and cooked the way it used to be. For us to meet these requirements it is essential that we use good quality ingredients for our lunches so that we can make sure you get a great tasting meal that’s fresh every-time with minimum food miles. We continue to support local farmers and food suppliers around the Dorset area and the south west. This enables us to produce lunches that are in season and ethically sourced. The supplier list below is just a snippet of suppliers we have used to cook our Lovely Lunches

Provide only great tasting West Dorset and Somerset meat from local farms less than 30 miles from their 500-year-old shop in Bridport. As well as free-range meats, they sell freshly prepared seasonal game, dry-cured bacon and gammon and a range of top – quality sausages all made on the premises. R.J. Balson were established in 1515 and have 25 generations of experience.


Davy’s Locker is an established supplier of first- class fish and shellfish, which is purchased daily not only from West Country Ports but throughout the UK.  Fresh fish is prepared to our requirements and seasonality is key when sourcing our fish for our Fish Fridays


Washing Pool Farm Logo

Washingpool farm was established in the 1970’s and is located on the outskirts of Bridport and couldn’t be more local to us being just 4 miles away. They provide us with a huge range of excellent quality vegetables and farm produce. A portion of the vegetables are grown throughout the year at the farm within the seasons such as salad crops, soft fruits, root vegetables and potatoes. Other crops are sourced within Dorset and the South West.


Malcom Seal – Thunderbolt Farm Toller Porcorum Dorset Malcolm keeps a small flock of rare breed Gotland sheep and produces hogget which are killed at 19-20 months as opposed to 5 which is commercial. This slow grown pasture fed meat is popular locally. He also produces a small amount of yarn for knitters as well as raw fleece for spinners and of course the sheepskins are a by-product of the meat production. We slow cook our hogget and use it for our Sunday lunches. Malcolm@malcomseal.co.uk

Roberts Foodservice champions Dorset food by creating a route-to-market for local, artisan suppliers. Based in Dorset’s county town of Dorchester, they provide a link between Dorset’s farmers, growers, bakers and Dorset’s businesses. Roberts provides a Dorset brochure which is essential for us to source local cheeses, milk, bakery and grocery items for our lunches. 


Photos: Shirley Jarman

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