Our Hero – Dave Burwood-Beames

Last week we had an incident concerning one of our long-standing customers who lives in Bridport. Our customers lunch was cooked and sent out for delivery as normal. Dave, who is our cheeky chappie, is one of our main drivers and was assigned the Bridport run for that day. Unfortunately, when Dave knocked on the customers door there was little response which was unusual. Finally, our customer managed to get to the door and let Dave in to assist. Without warning our customer completely collapsed on the floor in front of him. Dave, who was completely in shock made him comfortable and instantly called the paramedics. Dave realised that the situation was serious and was relieved when they turned up relatively quickly. Our customer was taken directly to Dorchester hospital with a suspected heart attack. Dave rallied support from Lynn who is another one of our drivers to help get the rest of his lunches delivered on time. 

We recently heard from the family who are thankful that Dave was there and acted the way he did. Our customer is now on the mend and has had a pacemaker fitted to help his heart. Thanks to Dave’s quick and decisive response this could have been a very different outcome. Well done Dave we really appreciate your actions. After speaking to him afterwards Dave said that he was so proud of what he had done that day and his family were too. Well Dave we are proud of you as well and as the owner of the business I am so happy we have drivers like you that can react and care for our customers when needed.  We have quite a few vulnerable customers who rely on our service not only for the food we deliver but also as another person to talk to during the day. It has been really tough on the elderly especially during this pandemic.  Once again Dave you are a star……….Thank you

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