Lovely Lunches Menu – October 2023

Hello everyone,

Autumn is well and truly upon us again, so we have now changed our recipes to celebrate the autumn fruit and vegetables for our October menu. We will still be keeping the salads and flans on the menu for those who wish to have a lighter lunch. Remember you can still substitute the dessert for a hot seasonal soup.

£12.00 for two courses (ex-vat)

£10.50 for a smaller portion (ex-vat)

Can I please ask you to return our crockery and leave on your doorstep ready for our driver to collect? Without regular recycling of our crockery we cannot produce your lunches.

Thank you all for your continued custom, we greatly appreciate it!!

Shirley and the team

Lovely Lunches

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MonthWeekDayDay of MonthMain CourseSweet
OctoberWeek 1Monday2ndChicken stew with greens & chickpeas served with sautéed potatoes & vegetablesDamson frangipane tart served with cream
OctoberWeek 1Tuesday3rdPork & mushroom stroganoff served with mash potato, carrots & cabbageSemolina with jam
OctoberWeek 1Wednesday4thHoney & marmalade glazed gammon served with dauphinoise potatoes, carrots & stemmed broccoliApple pie & custard
OctoberWeek 1Thursday5thBeef bourgeon served with mustard mash & vegetables Banoffee pie with gingernut base
OctoberWeek 1Friday6thBaked salmon with herb & lemon sauce served with parsley potatoes green beans & watercressFresh fruit salad with apple syrup
OctoberWeek 1Saturday7thCottage pie served with seasonal vegetablesApricot tart served with cream
OctoberWeek 1Sunday8thSlow roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, served with new potatoes, spring greens & carrots.Warm chocolate fudge cake served with white chocolate sauce
OctoberWeek 2Monday9thSausage & mash with caramelised onion gravy & seasonal vegetablesPineapple bread pudding served with coconut cream
OctoberWeek 2Tuesday10thChicken, ham & leek pie served with new potatoes & vegetablesLemon sponge with custard
OctoberWeek 2Wednesday11thRoast loin of pork with sage, apple batter pudding, roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower & sproutsPear & raspberry crumble & custard
OctoberWeek 2Thursday12thVenison casserole served with rosemary mash & root vegetablesMandarin trifle
OctoberWeek 2Friday13thSmoked haddock & dill sauce served with parsley buttered potatoes, beans & broccoliRed wine & cassis poached pears served with blackberries
OctoberWeek 2Saturday14thGala pie served with bubble & squeak, chutney & peasChocolate brownie served with raspberry sauce
OctoberWeek 2Sunday15thPot roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots & broccoliJam roly poly served with custard
OctoberWeek 3Monday16thCoq au vin served with braised leeks & potatoesWhite chocolate & pistachio profiteroles
OctoberWeek 3Tuesday17thPork, Apple & cider cobbler served with buttered red cabbage & potatoesMaple & pecan bread & butter pudding served with pouring cream
OctoberWeek 3Wednesday18thRoast turkey with cranberry sauce, roast potatoes & vegetablesChocolate Cracknell cakes served with strawberry yoghurt
OctoberWeek 3Thursday19thBeef stew & herb dumplings served with hasselback potatoes & vegetablesDamson & apple pie & custard
OctoberWeek 3Friday20thBaked seabass fillet with lemongrass & ginger served with sautéed potatoes & stemmed broccoliBakewell tart served with almond cream
OctoberWeek 3Saturday21stToad in the hole served with roast potatoes & vegetablesBlack cherry & chocolate pudding served with white chocolate sauce
OctoberWeek 3Sunday22ndGlazed gammon in cider served with cauliflower cheese, colcannon & peasPear & ginger lattice tart served with cream
OctoberWeek 4Monday23rdLamb and vegetable stew served with herb dumplings, mashed potato & vegetablesLemon sponge pudding served with custard
OctoberWeek 4Tuesday24thChicken breast stuffed with spinach & cream cheese served with parsley potatoes vine tomatoes & peasCider poached apples with toffee sauce & hazelnuts
OctoberWeek 4Wednesday25thRoast loin of pork with apple sauce roast potatoes, cabbage, butternut squash & parsnipsMarmalade bread & butter pudding served with pouring cream
OctoberWeek 4Thursday26thLiver & bacon served with onion mash and vegetablesSticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce & custard
OctoberWeek 4Friday27thBaked cod with bacon & lemon crumb served with dauphinoise potatoes Baked fig & custard tart served with whipped cream
OctoberWeek 4Saturday28thBeef & Ale pie served with onion mash & vegetablesSherry trifle
OctoberWeek 4Sunday29thRoast chicken braised with sage & garlic butter served with sage & onion stuffing, roast potatoes, cabbage, parsnips & carrotsDamson & apple crumble served with custard

Please leave our crockery on your doorstep ready for collection…without constant replenishing of our plates we cannot produce our Lovely Lunches.

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