Lovely Lunches Menu – October 2022


Unfortunately, we to like many small businesses are experiencing difficulties with the cost of living crisis and recruiting the appropriate staff so we can continue to produce our Lovely Lunches. I also have at present personal family issues to deal with so therefore I have made the difficult decision to close the business on specific days which will keep us ticking over.

The dates of our closures are as follows:
Tuesday 4th October
7th until 14th October inclusive
Tuesday 25th October
Friday 28th October

I can only apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you but hopefully things will improve for us very soon.

I will update you all towards the middle of October and inform you if we will be continuing with the Tuesday and Friday closures throughout November.

Can I please ask you to return our crockery and leave on your doorstep ready for our driver to collect? Without regular recycling of our crockery we cannot produce your lunches.

Many thanks for your continued custom, we greatly appreciate it!!

Shirley and the team

Lovely Lunches

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MonthWeekDayDay of MonthMain CourseSweet
OctoberWeek 1Monday3rdBeef stew & herb dumplings served with potatoes & vegetablesBanoffee pie
OctoberWeek 1Tuesday4thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 1Wednesday5thRoast loin of pork served with apple sauce, roast potatoes, broccoli, roasted cauliflower & carrotsApple and blackberry crumble
OctoberWeek 1Thursday6thChicken stew with lemon & herb crumble topping served with mashed potatoes & vegetablesOrange drizzle cake
OctoberWeek 1Friday7thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 1Saturday8thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 1Sunday9thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 2Monday10thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 2Tuesday11thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 2Wednesday12thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 2Thursday13thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 2Friday14thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 2Saturday15thSausage & mash served with onion mashed potato & vegetablesJam roly poly and custard
OctoberWeek 2Sunday16thRoast beef with Yorkshire pudding served with roast potatoes & vegetablesMint Aero cheesecake
OctoberWeek 3Monday17thMinced beef stuffed marrow served with steamed potatoes, peas & sweetcornDanish pastry
OctoberWeek 3Tuesday18thThree cheese & chive tart served with buttered new potatoes, peas & sweetcornBlack cherry & chocolate pudding served with white chocolate sauce
OctoberWeek 3Wednesday19thBaked marmalade glazed gammon served with colcannon, cauliflower cheese & peasMango & pineapple Eton mess
OctoberWeek 3Thursday20thPork escalope with mustard cream sauce served with mashed potatoes & carrots & greensApricot frangipane tart served with whipped cream
OctoberWeek 3Friday21stSmoked haddock, leek & chive tart served with buttered potatoes, peas & stemmed broccoli Chocolate orange bread & butter pudding served with whipped cream
OctoberWeek 3Saturday22ndCottage pie with Seasonal vegetablesApple pie and custard
OctoberWeek 3Sunday23rdRoast chicken with sage and onion stuffing served with seasonal vegetablesTiramisu
OctoberWeek 4Monday24thLamb and vegetable stew served with mashed potato & vegetablesBlackcurrant crumble squares
OctoberWeek 4Tuesday25thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 4Wednesday26thRoast beef with Yorkshire pudding served with roast potatoes & vegetablesBlack Forest Gateaux
OctoberWeek 4Thursday27thPot roast chicken with cider served with mash potatoes & vegetablesApple strudel served with vanilla custard
OctoberWeek 4Friday28thClosedClosed
OctoberWeek 4Saturday29thBeef & Ale pie served with colcannon & vegetablesPineapple upside down pudding served with custard
OctoberWeek 4Sunday30thRoast leg of pork, apple sauce, roast potatoes & seasonal vegetablesGinger flapjack

Please leave our crockery on your doorstep ready for collection…without constant replenishing of our plates we cannot produce our Lovely Lunches.

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