Lovely Lunches Menu – February 2024

Hello everyone,

I hope your years are going well so far,

As many of you know the Lovely Lunches opening hours have changed. I have decided to close our kitchen for Fridays and Saturdays until further notice. This is due to mainly the cost of living crisis, food costs and utilities. All of these can have a negative affect on a small business and can be catastrophic if ignored. We greatly appreciate your custom and support through these challenging times.


£12.00 for two courses (ex-vat)

£10.50 for a smaller portion (ex-vat)

Please leave our crockery on your doorstep ready for collection…without constant replenishing of our plates we cannot produce our Lovely Lunches.

To speak to a member of our team please call between 12 am and 2 pm excluding Fridays & Saturdays, alternatively email us or leave a message.

Shirley and the team

Lovely Lunches

01308 485115

MonthWeekDayDay of MonthMain CourseSweet
FebruaryWeek 1Monday5thChicken & broccoli bake served with steamed potatoes peas & carrotsProfiteroles
FebruaryWeek 1Tuesday6thSausage & apple casserole served with mashed potato & vegetablesApple crumble and custard
FebruaryWeek 1Wednesday7thRoast beef & Yorkshire pudding served with roast potatoes & vegetablesCaramel & banana trifle
FebruaryWeek 1Thursday8thPork cassolette served with boiled potatoes & vegetablesRhubarb & custard bread & butter pudding
FebruaryWeek 1Friday9thCLOSEDCLOSED
FebruaryWeek 1Saturday10thCLOSEDCLOSED
FebruaryWeek 1Sunday11thRoast pork served with apple sauce, roast potatoes and vegetablesDorset Apple cake served with clotted cream
FebruaryWeek 2Monday12thBroccoli, & red pepper quiche, served with boiled salad potatoes & peasJam & coconut sponge served with custard
FebruaryWeek 2Tuesday13thPork & cider casserole with mustard and sage served with mash potatoes & vegetablesSteamed ginger pudding served with custard
FebruaryWeek 2Wednesday14thRoast leg of lamb served with steamed potatoes & vegetablesPeach frangipane tart served with cream
FebruaryWeek 2Thursday15thBeef & Ale pie served with roast potatoes & vegetablesChocolate sponge Served with chocolate custard
FebruaryWeek 2Friday16thCLOSEDCLOSED
FebruaryWeek 2Saturday17thCLOSEDCLOSED
FebruaryWeek 2Sunday18thRoast Chicken with sage & onion stuffing, roast potatoes, parsnips, savoy cabbage & carrotsStrawberry Gateaux
FebruaryWeek 3Monday19thDeep filled homity pie (v) served with carrot and parsnip mash & vegTreacle tart served with whipped cream
FebruaryWeek 3Tuesday20thBeef stew and herby dumplings served with steamed potatoes & vegetablesLemon meringue pie
FebruaryWeek 3Wednesday21stRoast pork, apple sauce, roast potatoes And vegetablesTraditional rice pudding with jam
FebruaryWeek 3Thursday22ndChicken and cider fricassee served with diced herb potatoes & vegetablesPear & chocolate crumble served with custard
FebruaryWeek 3Friday23rdCLOSEDCLOSED
FebruaryWeek 3Saturday24thCLOSEDCLOSED
FebruaryWeek 3Sunday25thSlow roast lamb in rosemary and garlic Roast potatoes and vegetablesBanoffee pie
FebruaryWeek 4Monday26thChicken and Leek pie Chive mash, vegetables and gravySpotted Dick served with custard
FebruaryWeek 4Tuesday27thMeatball & mozzarella bake served with creamy mashed potato and peasChocolate brownie served with fruit sauce
FebruaryWeek 4Wednesday28thRoast gammon served with cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and peasLattice cherry pie and custard
FebruaryWeek 4Thursday29thCheese topped Cottage pie Served with seasonal vegetables & gravyLemon & blueberry muffin served with lemon sauce
MarchWeek 4Friday1stCLOSEDCLOSED
MarchWeek 4Saturday2ndCLOSEDCLOSED
MarchWeek 4Sunday3rdRoast beef with red wine gravy & Yorkshire pudding served with roast potatoes & vegetablesMalteser Cheesecake

Please leave our crockery on your doorstep ready for collection…without constant replenishing of our plates we cannot produce our Lovely Lunches.

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