King Charles’ Coronation Lunch Menu

Coronation Chicken Picnic Pie
Traditional coronation chicken pie made with fresh chicken marinated in yogurt that’s gently spiced & wrapped in shortcrust pastry
Coronation Quiche
Official quiche chosen by the king made with cheddar cheese, spinach, tarragon & broad beans
These will be served with new potato & egg salad, coleslaw, salad leaves & chutney
Strawberry and Ginger Trifle
Official trifle again chosen by the king & made with Yorkshire parkin & fresh strawberries
Pimm’s Cheesecake
A rich cheesecake decorated with fresh strawberries, mint, cucumber & orange slices, drizzled with a Pimm’s syrup
£12.00 – Regular – two courses
£10.50 – smaller portion – two courses
£8.00 – Regular boxed – one course
£6.50 Smaller boxed – one course
£2.00 Boxed dessert

(Prices shown are excl VAT)

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